Moortown Stud  Crow Lane  Ringwood  Hants.  BH24 3EA.  Tel:  01425 478697   Mob:  07789 815493


      Breeding Top Quality Coloured  Horses & Ponies, Traditional Gypsy Cobs and Natives with the emphasis on temperament.



 My name is Liz Wright and I began Moortown Stud in 1985, it covers 70 acres on the very edge of the beautiful New Forest National Park on the Hants/Dorset border. My family have been involved with farming and horses for many generations and I am a panel judge for both CHAPs and the BSPA.

 My Grandfather Frank Shutler was a New Forest Agister (a type of horseback livestock warden ) and amateur racehorse trainer/jockey winning many of the major races of his time, he was also a keen and highly successful New Forest pony breeder and an NPS Judge.

 My mother the late Joan Wright was also heavily into horses and ponies. She owned and ran the Blashford Stud where she stood most of the top HIS stallions of her era and bred many sports horses, including some bought and competed by HRH Princess Anne, one of her proudest moments!! She also carried on breeding Randalls New Forest ponies (from her late father) which  feature in the lines of many of the top ponies today and have been exported throughout the world. She was chairman of the New Forest Pony Society for 30 years and an NPS Judge.  

 My sister Gill Wright has ridden and competed all her life and as an NPS Judge she judges Mountain and Moorland ponies all over the world. She is also a panel judge for CHAPs and the BSPA. She has the highly successful Burley Stud breeding top class New forest Ponies that she has exported internationally. She has been the  chairman of the New Forest Pony Breeding Society for over 15 years.    

My elder sister Theresa also bred top class New Forest ponies and won a breeders award at HOYs 2012.

       Pop in 1924                                                        Mum 1964                              Mum 1928                                 Gill judging at the Royal Show  



 I started to ride at 3 and have spent all my life around horses and ponies. On the day I was born my Grandmother gave me a New Forest filly born on the same day so I started very young!! As a child I hunted, ponyclubbed, showjumped, evented and showed ponies, in our house it was impossible not to! I followed the family tradition and bred New Forest ponies but had always really had a soft spot for coloured horses having had one as a fantastic kids pony. I started my stud in 85 and have stood several Thoroughbred stallions which i have put to coloured cob mares over the years producing many coloured sports/show horses, a few of which are shown on the front page of this site. I also bred some top class New Forest ponies, Moortown Firethorn was 2nd in the workers at Hoys in the late 90's. In the early 90's I went to Poland and imported warmbloods and bred several top class show hunters. Coloureds have always been my first love and I now concentrate on them, breeding a selection of Traditional Cobs as well as the finer types. Moortown Frilly being the most successful to date, winning everywhere including HOYs and the Royal International where she was Reserve Supreme in 2011!! They are all carefully bred for conformation, movement, and above all temperament.

I am incredibly proud to announce that Moortown Stud won the 2013 Showing Council/Showing World Breeder of the year and Mortown Frilly won the Show Pony of 2013!!!!


My First show aged 3!! Showing Randalls Fire in the 90's, huntertrialling Moortown Malibu in 2001 and showing Knightwood Bryony who was Supreme NF at the  Royal Show in the 90's! God Im getting old!!